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Outdoor Maintenance Tips To Keep Your Backyard Looking Great!

Posted By Proper Job  
15:00 PM

The recent isolation period has forced millions of people around the world to stay at home and as a result they had more time to invest in their properties. The demand for landscaping Gold Coast services has registered a surge recently as people used their time at home to take care of their backyard and create a relaxing environment while staying isolated.

If you have some extra time on your hands and are wanting to tidy up your backyard to create a zone for the whole family to enjoy, here are a list of outdoor maintenance jobs for you to tick off your to do list.

  • Clean your gutters

Winter is a great time to clean out your gutters, as during the summer and the autumn months debris would have gathered. If it is not cleaned out your guttering can easily become clogged causing a number of issues. It’s a good idea to clean your gutters out at least twice a year and to install gutter guards.

  • Check your lawn soil pH

The secret of a fluffy, lush lawn is soil quality. Aside from feeding the soil, also ensure that its pH remains between 6 and 7. You can use a pH test kit to check soil, preferably in the autumn, as this is also the best time to condition soil.

  • Use native plants

Some of the plants in your garden have died? One of the best pieces of advice from landscaping Gold Coast services is to use native plants as they thrive best when planted in their local environment. These plants require the least amount of maintenance and you won’t have to worry about plants not getting the right amount of sunlight or water. This is the best time for a visit at local nurseries to purchase native plants from your area.

  • Recondition your fence

A fence is very important not only for security reasons but also aesthetically. A fence needs to look neat and welcoming and not cause you stress every time you see it. If you have no broken palings, a fresh coat of paint is one way to spruce your fence up. If your fence is beyond saving and you need a replacement contact our expert carpenter Gold Coast who can build any type of fence to suit your landscape design.

  • Cut the grass at the tallest setting

Some people prefer to cut the grass short so they don’t have to repeat the operation to soon. However, the best practice is to cut the grass at the tallest possible setting for two reasons: this will provide shade and choke out the weeds, and keeping the grass tall enables blades to grow deeper roots and make the grass more resistant to drought.

  • Create focal points

Too much green can be boring, and you can break up these vast areas of grass by planting a few colourful plants or flowers in strategic areas.

  • Clean up your yard regularly

From time to time you should remove weeds and debris from your yard not only for aesthetical reasons, but because waste can attract pests and diseases. A general cleanup in case you have gathered a lot of junk over the years could remove even trailer loads of garbage and leave your backyard spotless.

  • Use high pressure cleaning

The passing of time and elements can have a huge impact on the aspect of your exterior walls, pavements, and garden furniture. All will look a brand new again after a good high pressure clean  – just make sure it doesn’t hit your roses. If you don’t have the equipment contact Proper Job today, we can assist in bringing your outdoor area back to life!

  • Transform your pool filter cover

Although necessary, this element in your backyard is an eyesore. Find a good carpenter Gold Coast or cabinet maker Currumbin to cover it up and transform it into a bench.

  • Paint your exterior walls

The outside of your home is subject to the harsh Australian climate and may look degraded after just a few years. A fresh coat of paint will do a great job for the exterior of your home, but if you don’t want to invest that much you can make some touch ups to breathe new life to your outside walls.

  • Add fresh caulking to your doors and windows

Check around your home’s windows and doors and add fresh caulking where necessary to keep ants and bugs at bay.

  • Add mulch to your flower beds

A layer of mulch will help the ground retain its moisture in the heat and will also keep weeds down, offering your plants a chance to grow.

  • Edge your lawn

Use long-handled shears to define the edge of your lawn and stop the grass growing into borders. This is the secret that many landscaping Gold Coast services use to create that very satisfying finish we all love.

  • Fill bare lawn patches

Bare patches will spoil the look of your lawn but this problem can be solved easily by sowing grass seed over the raked soil. Another method you can use is making fillers from unused turf. Collect strips when reshaping the lawn and placed them in a compost-filled seed tray and grow them until you can use them to fill those bare patches.

  • Aerate your lawn

In order to ensure better penetration of air and water to the root zone of the grass, you need to aerate your lawn. This process is even more necessary when your lawn has been affected by drought or water logging. Although it sounds fancy, aeration is very easy – it consists of creating small holes in the soil at certain intervals and depths and can be performed using a garden fork, special machines, or aerating shoes.

  • Over-seed your lawn

A tired and worn out lawn can be rejuvenated by covering the entire space with seed mixed with fertiliser. The benefits of this simple operation are filling damaged areas, improving lawn colour, and reducing weed invasions. Make sure you mow and water your lawn before seeding and water it again abundantly after seeding to encourage germination.

  • Add mulch around trees to protect them from mower wounds

The exposed tree roots at the surface of the yard should be protected by mulching around the root area. You can use a layer of wood chips or shredded bark as this will protect the roots and create a nice growing environment. It is not recommended to plant grass right up to a tree trunk because grass and trees compete for water and nutrients. The tree will be healthier if you put a border of mulch around it instead of grass.

How many of the tips on this list would you like to do by yourself and which are a nuisance? For any outdoor maintenance job that you don’t enjoy or don’t have time to complete, call Proper Job for landscaping Gold Coast services – no job is too small for us!