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Why Cleaning Your Gutters Is A Good Idea

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17:27 PM

Cleaning your leaf-blocked gutters may not be your favourite home maintenance activity, but doing it regularly comes with significant benefits, whether you handle it yourself or use Gutter Cleaning Gold Coast services. Keep on reading to find out why it’s important to clean your gutters, when you should do it, and why getting professional help is the best option.

Why you should clean your gutters

The role of gutters is to collect rain water from your roof and direct it towards the ground through the downspouts. When leaves, sticks and debris gather in your household gutters, the water can pool in the wrong place and cause damage to your roof and walls, both inside and outside. If water has nowhere to go, it will fill up the gutter and eventually overflow. You may deal with extensive damage as pooling water can seep into your house, putting your house at risk of developing mould.

Another reason to keep your gutters clean is to avoid posing a weight strain on the boards behind the gutter, called fascia. When gutters are too full, these boards can pull off due to the weight, causing damage to the shingles and the exterior of walls.

A gutter that doesn’t do its job can cause extensive damage to various parts of your home, and repair costs can end up being in the thousands.  Cleaning your gutters will cost you an hour or two of your time but save you thousands you would otherwise spend on repairing water damage to your home.

Some people rely on the premium they can receive from their home insurance in case of water damage, but damage to your home caused by blocked gutters may not be covered by your insurance, so the best option is to clean your gutters on a regular basis. Home insurance only covers damage resulting from unexpected events outside your control, while water damage due to unmaintained gutters can be prevented through consistent maintenance and repairs.

When you should clean them

Gutters are not the most accessible part of your home, so how do you know they are clean and able to channel water away from the roof and walls? Climbing the ladder every once in a while to check their condition is not practical, especially at greater heights.

Professionals recommend cleaning gutters twice a year: in the spring and in the autumn. Gutters can fill with debris and leaves over the winter and when left uncleaned, spring and summer storms can lead to uncontrolled water flow with negative effects on your home.

If you live in a climate where rainstorms are more common or you have a large number of trees near your home, you may need to clean your gutters more often. Also, when you live in a climate where it freezes during the winter, your gutters may become unable to properly drain water from your roof. Water building up can reach your roof and damage shingles when the weather drops to freezing conditions.


Cleaning gutters before the onset of summer is also recommended when you live in an area prone to bushfire. Ignition of dry, flammable debris collected in the gutters isn’t unheard of so it’s best to clear debris frequently.

Lastly, remember to check your gutters after a big storm as extreme weather phenomena can also cause gutter and roof problems, and repairs may be necessary.

Why use professional gutter cleaning?

Hiring Home Maintenance Services Gold Coast such as Proper Job to maintain your household gutters is beneficial. Having a professional clean your gutters regularly will enable you to save money and time spent on repairs. Here are some good reasons to call professional Gutter Cleaning Gold Coast services:

  • Ensuring your safety

Cleaning gutters is a risky home maintenance job because it requires climbing a ladder. Unlike most homeowners, professional gutter cleaners are experienced with working at heights, climbing ladders, and using harnesses.

If you decide to do the job yourself, make sure you inform someone in your house or a neighbour that you will be working near the roof of your home and how long you plan on working. In case you fall off the ladder and injure yourself, at least one person should be informed on your activity and whereabouts so they come to your rescue. The best is to have someone with you while cleaning the gutters so they help you immediately in case of an accident.

  • Not needing to purchase specialised equipment

Gutter Cleaning Gold Coast companies have the necessary equipment for cleaning gutters safely (harnesses, ladders, etc.) and effectively (powerful leaf blowers and specialised kits). Obtaining and maintaining the right equipment is costly and you will also need somewhere to safely store it.

  • No need to cleanup

As hard as you try there will always be mess when cleaning out your gutters, especially if you’re using a leaf blower or pressure washer. Proper Job Home Maintenance Services Gold Coast specialists also complete the cleanup part, sparing you from timely, back-breaking clean up.

  • Doing something better with your time

Not everyone is thrilled by the prospect of climbing a ladder and cleaning their gutters. DIY is not for everyone and many people prefer outsourcing tedious tasks to professionals. So, instead of putting yourself at risk and struggling to complete an extra task, you can spend your time relaxing or catching up with other more important work.

  • Cleaning second story gutters safely

If your house has more than two levels, calling a professional to clean those especially high up gutters is definitely recommended, as extended heights carry higher risks for those who are not trained and experienced in the field. There is no need to put yourself at risk when there are plenty ready, willing and capable professionals out there

  • Cleaning your downspouts as well

Aside from cleaning gutters, you may also have to make sure that there is no clogging in your downspouts, making the job more complicated and time-consuming. A Home Maintenance Services Gold Coast expert like Proper Job can make sure that both gutters and downspouts are in good working condition, saving you the hassle.

  • Checking for damage

Clearing the gutters is sufficient most times, but in some cases you may have to conduct repair work as well, which requires additional time, effort, knowledge, and equipment to complete properly. Proper Job Gutter Cleaning Gold Coast services can handle that for you in the most professional and cost-effective manner.


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